Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma


FR 1. Juni 2018, 20 Uhr
Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma
Als Komponist, Multiinstrumentalist und künstlerischer Leiter des renommierten Musical Workshop Labyrinth lebt er seit 42 Jahren auf Kreta, wo er sich für die Weiterentwicklung und Verbreitung der modalen Musiktradition einsetzt. Im Katakomben Theater präsentiert er zusammen mit Kelly Thoma (Lyra) eigene Kompositionen und Arrangements.
Seine Musik zeigt sich inspiriert von modalen Musiktraditionen und den damit verbundenen Aufenthalten in Indien, im Iran, in Azerbajian, in Griechenland, in der Türkei und im östlichen Mittelmeerraum.
Obwohl Daly mit mehr als 35 Tonträger-Veröffentlichungen, unzähligen internationalen Tourneen und Auftritten in Konzertsälen wie der Carnegie Hall als Altmeister der modalen Musiktradition gelten darf, wird er auch jene Besucher, die ihn noch nicht kennen und noch kein Womad-Festivals oder das TFF Rudolstadt und Etnoport besucht haben, mit seinen spirituell anmutenden Kompositionen faszinieren und von der Kraft der Musik überzeugen können.
Eintritt: VVK 15/12 Euro; AK 17/14 Euro


Ross Daly
Many years before what we call “world music” appeared on the scene, certain individuals had already understood the enormous value and vast variety of the world’s various musical traditions. One such person is Ross Daly. Although of Irish descent, he does not really fit into any particular ethnic stereotype given that his life has been spent in many different parts of the world and his home for more than 35 years has been the island of Crete in Greece. Daly, at a very early age, discovered that music was, in his own words, “the language of my dialogue with that which I perceive to be sacred.” This dialogue eventually led him to the great modal traditions of the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, where he finally found the musical archetypes that he had been searching for all his life. In these traditions, he encountered music that was not merely a vehicle of self-expression, but music that was able to take one beyond what was normally perceived to be the boundaries of one’s self into other trans-personal realms of experience. After many years of intensive training in a variety of musical traditions, Daly turned his attention largely to composition, drawing heavily on all of the knowledge that he acquired during his long apprenticeships. Today, he has released more than 35 albums of his own compositions as well as of his own arrangements of traditional melodies.